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A Cup of Coffee Chapter 11

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“So, see you soon?” Gaga asked before she went out. Taylor replied with a smile, “Sure.”

As she went out, she could not contain the tears because she will miss Taylor. Cynthia saw her daughter and hugged her. “Everything will be alright.”


“But what if I won’t see him again? How will I fix the mess I’ve made?” Gaga cried her heart out on her mother’s chest. Cynthia rubbed her back and comforted her. “Well, if you think you love 2 people, I’d rather choose the second one.”

“Why?” Gaga asked. Cynthia replied, “Well, if you really ‘love’ the first one, then why would you look for another?”

“I can’t believe you would give an advice like that,” Gaga told her mother. They went inside the van, and they both sat at the middle. As the van was moving, Gaga’s phone vibrated. She checked her phone and read the message coming from Taylor:

Hey :) It’s kinda’ weird that I miss you already.

Gaga smirked and replied:

Wow, ur so clingy!

“Taylor?” Cynthia asked as she took a peek from their conversation. Gaga smiled widely and answered, “Yeah. He’s such a weird guy, isn’t he?”

When Gaga’s phone vibrated again, she checked her phone, but it is not from Taylor this time:

Baby doll, where the fuck are you? What’s taking you so long?

“And the asshole texted,” Gaga thought. When Cynthia noticed her daughter was pissed, Cynthia took a peek at her phone. “You know, you should break up with that dude once and for all as you come back to New York.”

“Already am planning of doing that,” Gaga replied. Then she asked her daughter, “Why did you go back to him in the first place?”

“I thought going back to him will solve everything, but actually became worse,” Gaga explained. Cynthia warned her, “You should break up with him before your dad knows about this.”

“Oh yes, daddy! I swear, he’s gonna kill me,” Gaga facepalmed.


After their private jet landed to JFK airport around afternoon, Cynthia told Gaga before going out from the plane, “Probably your dad’s waiting with Natali. You should call Luc-“

“No, mom, don’t you dare mention that guy’s name,” Gaga interrupted. As they both went to the waiting shed, they saw Joe and Natali holding a banner written ‘Cynthia and Stefani Germanotta’. So both of them will be aware that they’re here, Gaga shouted, “Dad! Nat!”

Joe and Natali stood up to hug Cynthia and Gaga. Joe told both of them, “I miss you both! How was the video shoot?”

“It was fine,” Cynthia instantly replied while Gaga, however, does not know what to say. Joe repeated the question, “How was the video shoot?”

“Well, about that-“

“Baby doll!” someone shouted coming from a familiar voice. Gaga tried to look for the one who shouted, and it was actually coming from Luc. “Hey, baby doll! I missed you!”

Luc hugged her like nothing happened between the two of them. Not to make the situation more awkward, Gaga just hugged him back. “Uh… hey!”

As Luc let go of the hug, he greeted the whole Germanotta family. “Hey, Mr. and Mrs. G! Hey, Nat!”

“Hello there, Luc,” all of them replied. Luc insisted, “You wanna hitch in the van?”

“Yeah, sure,” Gaga accepted. So they all went in Luc’s van with the luggage at the back. Gaga sat in-front of the van while the rest of the family at the middle. Luc started the conversation. “So, how’s the video shoot?”

“It was… good,” Gaga just answered so Luc will not suspect a thing. Luc asked, “How about the leading man, was he nice to you?”

“Shit!” Gaga uttered. Of course she did not mean to say that. Luc asked worried, “Why, what’s wrong?”

“Nah, probably jet lag,” Gaga lied. She really wants to dodge the topic. Luc asked Cynthia, “How was your visit there, Mrs. G? Too bad, I have no time to visit your daughter though.”

“It was great,” Cynthia just replied.


As they reached the apartment of the Germanotta family, Gaga thanked Luc. “Hey, thanks for the ride.”

“Don’t mention it. Oh, would you like me to help you carry your luggage-“

“I’ll take care of it,” Joe interrupted not wanting any help from Luc. When they went out of the van, everyone became silent until they reached their room. Joe was the first one to break the silence, but what he said was not good. “How the hell, Stefani, did you go back to that asshole?”

“Dad, I can explain-“

“No, I don’t wanna hear your excuse like ‘But I love him’ or ‘it’s just a small fight’! I saw how he treated you, and I don’t want my daughter to marry a guy like that!” Joe shouted madly at his daughter. Gaga tried to explain, “But dad-“

“What is it, you love him? You know, I never taught you that – to be a desperate woman! You know what? You’re grounded!” Joe shouted. Gaga gave him a weird look. “What am I, a teenager? For God’s sake, I’m 25!”

“I don’t care! You’re not allowed to communicate to your friends-“

“Dad, are you fucking kidding me? Really, dad? Then after that, what will I learn? Not to fuck around with guys? I’m fucking 25 years old, and I can do whatever shit I want, okay? If you wanna talk to me, you could just barge in my room whenever the hell you want,” Gaga said upset. So she went to her old childhood room. She hid herself in a blanket on her bed and cried. “Luc came back to your life like poof and your dad thinks you’re a whore .Way to go, Stefani! Now how will I talk to him about Taylor?”

Meanwhile, Natali was knocking on the door. Gaga shouted, “Go away!”

Natali opened the door instead of following her sister. She sat next to her and asked, “Care to share what you would like to tell dad?”

“Do you think of me as a whore first?” Gaga asked. Natali hugged her sister and replied, “Heck no! Anyway, tell me what happened.”

“Few days after I broke up with Luc, I went to San Diego. Well, I met a guy in Starbucks, and honestly, he was such a gentleman. His name is Taylor. Like me, he was also brokenhearted. On the bright side, he was a good friend, but I didn’t tell him completely who I really am. Since he’s hot, maybe I could hire him as the leading man of my music video, but then, there’s something else I like from him. Sadly, the boy from Starbucks said he isn’t available. So of course, I cried so much. When I went to Nebraska, I never thought…”

“That you’ll meet him there? Wait, oh my gosh, this is so interesting, I wanna listen!” Natali said enthusiastically. Gaga removed the blanket around her first before continuing the story. “Anyway, he was the leading man of the video. It was kinda’ funny though that he easily recognized me as Lady Gaga after all the normal clothes I wore. At first, it was awkward and all, but then we got used to it. When we got used of each other, that’s when Luc texted that he wants us back. Of course I didn’t reply. Anyway, so Taylor invited me for a coffee.  I asked him why he was treating me that way, then he told me I’m like a best friend to him. Of course, it hurts. Then that’s the time where I texted Luc that I want us to be back as well. And yup, I regret doing that on the next day.”

“Why? Natali asked. She continued the story, “Well, Taylor asked why I came back to Luc, but I couldn’t tell the reason why. So we did you know… then he opened up to me, then I opened up to him as well, but I told him I should fix something first. He told me he is willing to wait. Also, the day before we left, he told me we should meet somewhere. So I agreed. But then this shit happened. So yeah…”

She covered herself with blanket once again and cried. Natali hugged her sister once again and asked, “You want me to help you contact Taylor?”

“Please, I really need to,” Gaga replied. So Natali lent her laptop to her sister. Gaga hid the laptop with her. So she turned on the laptop to open her e-mail. She composed a new message to Taylor:

Hey, Taylor,

It’s me, Stef. It’s kinda’ weird too that I miss you, even though we last saw each other for like I don’t know, 6 hours ago? Anyway, my dad ‘grounded’ me. He doesn’t want me to talk to any friend, including you, whom dad doesn’t even know yet. Weird, I know. Well, I’m trying to explain to him what happened between me and Luc, but he just doesn’t wanna listen. Before you react, don’t blame yourself about it because it’s really my fault. Also, I wanna meet you somewhere wherein no one’s bugging us… just you and me. Sorry if I’m just letting you wait, but I swear I’ll fix the mess I’ve made. By the way, reply ASAP. If you’re wondering how I can contact you, I’m using my sister’s laptop. At least she is willing to listen. Anyway, hope to see you soon :)

-Stefani xoxo

She sent the message to Taylor before giving Natali’s laptop back to her. Natali said before she left the room, “I hope Taylor replies to you ASAP.”


It has been 3 days since Gaga sent that message, and there is not reply coming from Taylor yet. She kept hiding inside her room crying. Whenever Cynthia or Joe tries to talk to her, she does not respond. She only shares to Natali what she feels, and as a sister, Natali should understand her. Every hour, Natali lends her laptop to her sister.

“No message from him yet?” Natali asked. Gaga shook her head. When she refreshed her mails for the last time, there was a new notification. “Could it be?”

She opened the mail, and it is coming from Taylor:

Hey, Stefani!

Just read your message today. Sorry, I was just so busy. Anyway, I really miss you, you know that? I’m sorry I couldn’t help you in person right now. I’m sorry too that I couldn’t comfort you and say good things about you. Would you like me to go to New York? I’m right here in Pennsylvania with my mom. Honestly, you remind me of my mother. Why? Well, you’re just as strong as my mother. I know I already told you that, but I’ll never get tired of telling that to you because it’s really true. Also, don’t worry about me waiting. I could wait for you as long as someday, you’ll say yes to me. Wait, am I getting cheesy? I’m so sorry, I really am like this. Anyway, reply ASAP and hope to see you soon :)


“He does really care,” Gaga smiled. For the first time after 3 days, she went out of the room. She went to the closet to pick something good yet normal to wear so people will not recognize her. When she was about to leave, Joe saw her and asked, “And where do you think you’re going? You’re still grounded!”

“Going to fix something! And I don’t care being grounded, I’m 25!” Gaga said before she left. She grabbed a taxi on her way to the destination. Upon going there, she called Luc, and he answered:

Gaga: Hey, Luc. Let’s meet in Starbucks. I need to tell you something important.
Luc: What is it? Why don’t you tell it to me here in the bar instead?
G: Just… go there, okay? I’ll be there in 5 minutes. See you.
L: But-
*Gaga shuts down the call*


A/N: …and I’ll stop right there for a while. I’m limiting myself to write less than 2000 words but more than 1000. Anyway, I’ll be reviewing again for the college entrance exam, and my mom wants me to put effort on this because she wants me to attend this university although I don’t really want to. Anyway, I’ll publish the next chapter either this Thursday or next Tuesday, EST. Hope you enjoy(ed) :)

Anonymous said: Why taylor doesn't dye his hair? He looks old.


he wants to look like tony bennett


"Yesterday I was a puppy, today I will dog."


"Yesterday I was a puppy, today I will dog."


lol parents   [x]


Grace’s wardrobe combined into one shirt


Grace’s wardrobe combined into one shirt

"I hate distance. You meet the best people and they are always far away."